Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

OjO specialises in STREAM games and activities, for children between the ages of 3 - 8 years. If you don’t know what STREAM is: Science / Technology / Robotics / Engineering / Art and Mathematics.

We have created a fantastic range of games and activities based around these intriguing subjects, the like of which you are unlikely to find anywhere else. We have, for example, an amazing DNA board game, a stellar Space Rescuers game and a science game, Atomic Force, which uses the periodic table! Add in our new Science Extension puzzles and you have an excellent choice of innovative and entertaining games and activities.

If you are looking for a gift then an OjO game would be a great choice, as not only would any child be delighted to receive one, as they are great fun to play but their parents will be just as happy as we have worked incredibly hard to make sure our games are educationally sound and that we put in as much added value and learning potential as our games will allow.

Choosing one of our games or activities will offer a child the potential to:

  • Boost their language skills and help build communication skills. By reading instructions, following the directions on the game board. As well as chatting with family and friends as they play the game together.
  • Improve vocabulary and word knowledge, as good vocabulary knowledge is essential to access the curriculum effectively.
  • Develop many visual, perceptual, cognitive and thinking skills. For example, moving counters teaches spatial awareness and pre-planning, and our visual system learns when we use our hands to hold a piece, plan the next move or picture where the opponent will make the next move. This helps to train the higher functions of the brain.
  • Improve their math skills, wee sneak in lots of chances to count, estimate, sequence and strategise.
  • Better understand the value of team work and how others might think
  • Improve social skills, as they learn how to take turns, be patient, negotiate, compromise and follow the rules!
  • Understand how to be a good loser and help encourage healthy competition.
  • Promote fine and gross motor skill development, our games help improve dexterity and hand and eye coordination time.
  • Understand the importance of persistence and resilience, by not giving up when the games favours your team mate.
  • Have some great screen free family time.

    Our imaginative and colourful games bring families and friends together in a fun and relaxing manner. We seek to create a superb off-line learning environment where parents and children can not only enjoy a good game but also find the time, to chat, restore some calm and balance to busy lives and develop transferable skills and generate, shared, long lasting memories.

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