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OjO's Licensing Examples

Food Battles Biology Board Game, Ages 5-8+

Introduction to Biology

Introduce your child to the incredible biological processes of the human body. Learn fun facts about the vital organs and digestive system.

Fun family game

Our board games are perfect for home-learning families, class rooms and playmates. Introduce tricky subjects with engaging and memorable activities.

Learn about healthy eating

Maintaining a good diet is one of the most important factors in staying healthy. Encourage your child to take an active interest by playing the Food Battles game.

How to play

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Another example of licensing success

Dino Age Journey Archaeology Game, Ages 5-8+

Feel like a Paleontologist!

Get a little taste for what it feels like to be a dinosaur specialist, discovering fossils and learning about incredible creatures from millions of years ago!

Simplify complex concepts

Carbon dating is a complex process, as is the actual discovery and preservation of ancient specimens. Simplify these concepts for your child with the fun Dino Age Journey game.

For girls and boys alike

Our games do not discriminate when it comes to gender. Have fun playing with the whole family, Dino Age Journey is sure to entertain everyone!

How to play

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Example of atomic force licensing

Atomic Force Chemistry Board Game, Ages 6-10+

Chemistry is fun!

Children are often put off by chemistry because it is such a difficult subject. We’ve transformed it into a fun game that can persuade even the most resistant child (or adult).

Simplify complex concepts for young children

Atomic Force links elements to their everyday, recognisable forms and with the help of our awesome Atomic Force team, shows children how to build them out of subatomic particles!

For girls and boys alike

Our games do not discriminate when it comes to gender. Have fun playing with the whole family, Atomic Force is sure to entertain everyone!

How to play

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Example of license applied to jigsaw puzzles

Science Puzzle Range, Ages 4-9+

Introduction to the solar system for younger years

Explore the planets of our Solar System and the number of years it would take to reach these planets from Earth in our Space Explorers 48 Piece Puzzle.

Learn the basics about paleontology!

OjO's Dino Explorers 60 Piece Puzzle helps children to build familiarity with paleontology. Our puzzles come with an activity booklet to test children's learning once the puzzle has been completed, providing further play value!

Learn about many amazing sea creatures

Explore the depths of our oceans and their diverse ecosystems, and have fun with this giant Underwater Explorer 48 Piece Puzzle.

How to Play

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Another example of licensing success

Underwater Missions Marine Biology Board Game, Ages 5-10+

Have fun whilst learning about marine biology

Go on an underwater adventure and learn all about the life that lives in the deep blue sea. Test your marine knowledge and develop a passion for the amazing creatures in our oceans.

Use strategy & problem solving as a family

Players must use their algae and oxygen coins to move around the board and find the treasure. How will you use your coins? How will you collect them in the most efficient way?

Learn amazing facts about the craziest creatures!

By guessing marine creatures from the facts on the sea creature cards, children will learn amazing facts about many different creatures.

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