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OjO is a pioneering educational toy company for young, future innovators.

We make problem solving games and toys based on real world STEM subjects, that stimulate children's curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills.


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Discover our range of educational toys and board games for children from OjO.

We specialize in STEM games and tech toys for kids aged 3 to 8 years, to support STEM and STEAM early years learning. All of our logic, science and technology toys are designed and manufactured by us here at OjO HQ. We are very proud of our range of children’s education toys and games, loved by parents and perfect for homeschooling.


Our Story

OjO was built out of my conviction as a parent to maximize my child’s future potential from an early age, based on proven methods of learning STEM through play which boost confidence, imagination and critical thinking.

I have a deep appreciation for all the research available on child psychology and early brain development, but as a full-time working mother, I often found that my best intentions fell short. It was tough to find the time to do the research and come up with fun and stimulating STEM activities, let alone gather all of the materials.

OjO was founded upon my ambition to provide children with vital future skills, by stimulating their natural abilities and inspiring a love of learning STEM, and by providing parents with the tools and support to instill these values in their children. We want it to be fun, easy and natural for families to spend time learning together.

The OjO team are a passionate bunch! We are a mostly women led team!

Our educational experts develop smart and challenging concepts, our designers make it look awesome and easy to play, and our incredible community of child testers keep us on our toes and ensure everything we create is fun and engaging!

We’re so excited about this opportunity to help your children and families to realize their potential and become STEM heroes of the future! Here’s to the next generation of scientists, engineers, creators and innovators!

Maha Khawaja
Founder & CEO
Mother to 2 future innovators

 Our Team

Christine Havercroft
Christine Havercroft
Early Years Educator, UK
Abbie O'Connor
Abbie O'Connor
Marketing Manager
Hope Donovan
STEM Educator, USA