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The OjO Multiverse!

OjO’s 5 skills for 2040











OjO builds 5 skills that will inspire your child to succeed in the new world. We believe every child needs these 5 skills to succeed in the future when 30% of jobs will be lost to the robots (PWC)!

It is now more important than ever to teach the next generation the ability to innovate, solve problems and collaborate. We are preparing children for the future through open-ended activity kits and workshops.

The Ed-ventures Kit for Early School Success!

The Maker Kit Range

What makes our Maker Kits unique?


Each kit contains all the materials and tools your child will need to complete the activity


Every kit comes with how-to videos and animated educational content available through the website


We inspire children to invent through open-ended play by providing a variety of unique and recognisable materials​​


Themes and missions are based around real world problems to encourage children to have the confidence to come up with their own solutions​​

What others are saying about OjO

“Love love love this concept. In a saturated toy market, I love the welcome of a game changer with your series of STEM toys!”

Mother, Dubai

“This is amazing!!!!!! I love this initiative. I’m always searching crafts online and then figuring out ways to put it together, trips to the art store and using recycling stuff, but it takes a lot of time to organise. This is such an insightful way to promote out of the box thinking. I love the raw feel of it! I want a kit now! So so so proud of you. Your vision hits home!”

Mother, London

“I appreciate how OjO toys and sets address the variety of learning styles while making learning fun and enjoyable.”

Alla Rowe
Psychotherapist and mother, London

"This is really, really interesting. I've got a 10 year old son and we are always looking at how to build things from things we have at home. I'm a really busy working mum, and I find it quite difficult to source materials. This is a great way to use your creative skills and build creative things. We love it and I'm looking forward to buying more!"

Helen Rivero
MD, The Young People Index

"I love it, it's really simple and even great for small children. I especially like the missions based on real-world topics that complement the educational curriculum. Storytelling is a great way to learn."

Primary school teacher

"When I became a father, my focus totally shifted to what's out there for my kids. I wanted to buy things that would help them, not just silly meaningless toys. I think it's very cool. It keeps things simple and kids don't actually realise they are learning and that's the key to it. So, definitely interested to learn more about OjO!"

Arnie Carabet
CEO and Founder, CNK Digital & Epik Learning

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