NEW! DNA Factory Board Game
NEW! DNA Factory Board Game
NEW! DNA Factory Board Game
NEW! DNA Factory Board Game
NEW! DNA Factory Board Game

NEW! DNA Factory Board Game

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Build your own hybrid animal and learn about DNA’s secret formula! The DNA Factory Board Game offers a creative way to introduce the concept of genetics to your child.

Introduction to DNA
Simplify complex science with the DNA Factory Game. Learn about DNA, what it is and how it works. Collect body parts and piece together wacky new creatures!

Fun family game
Our board games are perfect for home-learning families, class rooms and playmates. Introduce tricky subjects with engaging and memorable activities.

Blend science with creative thinking
Boost your child's imagination with this fun and interactive game. Children will love creating new animals with crazy genetic combinations.


Why learn about genetics?

Our DNA has developed over billions of years, passing from generation to generation, evolving along the way as some genes are more successful than others.

Introduce your little one to the code of life with this fun and silly game. Create genetic codes for weird and wonderful new creatures as you shoot a ball at the target and collect body parts.



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