<b>Get inspired by STEM! Science book list for kids age 4-8</b>

Get inspired by STEM! Science book list for kids age 4-8

There is no doubt that reading is great for our kid’s brains and learning, so why not sneak a little extra STEAM learning into reading time?

This book list is comprised of some of OjO’s favourite Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Maths story books for kids, designed and written to inspire little minds to think big. The books have been chosen for their beautiful illustrations, science themed topics as well as featuring positive role models for our children to connect with. 


Little Readers Age 0-5+

Perfect Square by Michael Hall

Age 0-5

A book full of inspiring ideas, helping younger kids think out of the box. 

Read this book again and again to grow an innovative kid.

A great compliment to the Ed-Ventures Homeschooling kit which has many craft materials to keep your kid making!

Little Scientist by Mud Puppy

Age 0-5

Chunky card books all written to broaden your little one's perspective on all things science!

Features 4 books — one on astronomers Carl Sagan, Carolyn Porco, Vera Rubin, and Edwin Hubble.


The Geometry Creator by OjO

Age 3-5

Follow Tojo on a journey through the Shape Factory. Build rockets with geometrical shapes and develop a strong sense of spatial awareness as well as an engineer mindset.


Young Readers Age 5+

Count on Me by Miguel Tanco

Age 5-7

This book about a young future innovator celebrates math in the world around us. Concentric circle patterns in a lake, geometric shapes in the park... this book will have your child looking at the world through a mathematical lens. 

Mae among the stars by Roda Ahmed

Age 4-8

Mae Jemison was the first African American Woman in space... travel with her on her maiden space voyage to make sure your child has big dreams too!

Young Frank Architect by Frank Viva

Age 4-6

Frank, a young architect, just needs to create! He will make an architectural structure out of anything... toilet paper, macaroni... join him on his journey. 

Expect many impromptu making sessions after finishing this story.

Robot Workshop by OjO

Age 4-6

Join the OjO Science Squad on an outer space adventure. Learn what goes into designing the perfect robot... with a secret ingredient... friendship!

Add extra depth and narrative to the Robot Workshop Board game

Shark Lady by Jess Keating

Age 4-8

Dive in and go on a marine biology journey! This storybook follows the extraordinary career of Eugenie Clark, scientist, professor, zoologist, deep sea diver, and shark lover.

Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

Age 4-7

Rosie, female engineer extraordinaire does what she knows best... create! She helps her Great Aunt Rose fly with her own flying contraption. An insightful inspiring story of intelligent design and female empowerment. 

A great compliment to the Shape Factory Geometry Board game.


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Any books we missed? Comment your favourites below!

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