Shape Factory Geometry Board Game
Shape Factory Geometry Board Game
Shape Factory Geometry Board Game
Shape Factory Geometry Board Game
Shape Factory Geometry Board Game
Shape Factory Geometry Board Game

Shape Factory Geometry Board Game

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Players must work together while one builds an image out of shapes and the other tries to guess what it is. Guess correctly and together move along the production line towards the finish line. Build spatial awareness, imagination and collaboration skills.

Introduction to geometry
Bring geometry to life by illustrating everyday objects using a variety of geometrical shapes. Experience geometry everywhere!

Develop problem solving skills
By putting together complex shapes from simple ones, Shape Factory teaches kids problem solving skills that serve as a strong foundation for future math and coding schoolwork.

Learn how to collaborate
Players must collaborate in order to collectively complete the game. This makes for a welcome change to competitive game play and builds valuable team work skills.


Why geometrical shapes?
Geometrical shapes offer many rich learning opportunities. Young children can learn how shapes fit together, building spacial awareness and laying the foundation for geometrical theory. At the same time, boost fine motor skills, imagination and visual recognition.


How to play
Collaborate to build everyday things from geometrical shapes and guess what they represent!

    • Player 1 draws a Picture card without showing it to the other players
    • Player 1 must then use the geometrical shapes in the factory to create an image that resembles the picture on the card
    • Players have one minute to guess what the image resembles while it’s being built
    • As the game moves along, players take turns and place each correctly guessed card on the conveyor belt
    • Everyone wins the game when the conveyor belt is filled with correctly built Picture cards

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At OjO we create smart games for future innovators. We understand that topics such as chemistry or coding can be daunting at first, but we know that with the right tools any child can become an expert. Our games build the skills needed to excel in life while kids play and have fun!

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