Which Way? Coding Board Game (OKIDO)
Which Way? Coding Board Game (OKIDO)
Which Way? Coding Board Game (OKIDO)

Which Way? Coding Board Game (OKIDO)

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The Which Way? Coding Board Game is an exciting strategy game for 4-8 year olds. Children will love learning key coding skills as they lay out routes across the map. Help Messy Monster to visit all his friends with the self-driving Okidoodle car!

Introduction to coding
The Which Way? game is the perfect way to introduce your child to coding at a young age. This game helps to build planning, problem solving and testing skills, all of which are required for future programming.

Develop problem solving skills
A invaluable life skill, your child can practice completing missions with the Which Way? game. Plan your route, build it and test it to see if your solution is a success!

Boost spatial awareness
This game requires children to place tiles in such a way that the black inductive line matches up. This takes some practice for little ones, thereby boosting their spacial awareness skills.


10 reasons to learn to code

    • Improves academic performance: math, writing, creativity and confidence.
    • Builds soft skills: focus, resilience and communication.
    • Paves the path to future success: empowerment, life skills and career preparation.


How to play
It’s your job to lay down the routes for Messy to follow around the map, visiting his friends as he goes!

    • Define the problem: Spin the wheel to receive your mission.
    • Plan the solution: Trace your finger across the board from the Start position to your destination(s).
    • Build the program: Place the tiles along your route, making sure the black line joins up.
    • Test it!: Switch on the self-driving vehicle and place it at the Start position. Will it reach your destination(s) all by itself?
    • The first player to make it to all the destinations wins.

Customer Reviews

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Which Way? Coding Board Game

So much fun...

We had so much fun figuring it out together and watching her learn as she went. Definitely recommend Which Way? Coding Board Game for the younger kids as it is a great bonding tool for parents and siblings alike!

Nikki Recchion, US

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It brought chemistry to life...

We love how OjO created such a fun educational board game for kids to learn about chemistry Atomic Force Chemistry Board Game. This activity could be challenging at first but it encourages your child’s mindset on so many levels!

Quynh Phan, US

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