Underwater Adventure Story
Underwater Adventure Story
Underwater Adventure Story

Underwater Adventure Story

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Join Selma as she goes on an exciting adventure underwater! Learn about why it's important to protect the oceans and meet some colourful creatures along the way. This storybook adds a further dimension to the Underwater Missions Game!

Introduction to marine biology
The Underwater Adventure Story explains why we need to look after the oceans and marine life, making friends and lots of adventure along the way!
Deepen the learning
Pair this booklet with the Underwater Missions Game to enhance the learning and add a fun narrative to the game.

Boost reading and listening comprehension
Story time is the perfect opportunity to practice those vital literacy skills in a relaxed environment.



Get the full experience

The Underwater Adventure Storybook has been designed especially to go with our board game, Underwater Missions Game! We've crafted a brief but engaging narrative about Selma who goes on an underwater adventure with her new best friend Mitch the Squid. Bring the story to life with the board game!

Why story time?

Children acquire a plethora of skills during story time on top of the contents of the book itself! Your child can develop language and vocabulary, memory, concentration, imagination and empathy.


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