<b>OjO's latest awards! Award winning homeschooling games approved by moms & families! </b>

OjO's latest awards! Award winning homeschooling games approved by moms & families!

We are very happy to announce we have had a fabulous three months, winning three new awards for our educational games and toys!

The past months have been full of surprises as we got emails from three well known awards bodies, How To Homeschool, the Mom's Choice Awards and Hot Diggity. Keep reading for the full rundown of which OjO products were awarded and why the awarding bodies chose them.


How to Homeschool 

Our full range was commended by How to Homeschool and won 'Best Elementary Homeschooling Resources for 2021!'. We are thrilled to win this award as it recognizes the educational potential of our games... across the board! We have great reviews and a growing audience of homeschoolers in the US. We love to make your homeschooling journey easy, whether you are a new homeschool family or an experienced one. 

Their website is FULL of useful resources for homeschoolers, so they sure know their stuff when it comes to educational toys perfect for learning at home!

Check out their guide for elementary homeschool curriculum and resources (including our games) here!


Mom's Choice Awards

Not one, but two of our best-selling games were recognized by Mom's Choice Awards! Mom & Mom's choice approved! Haven't heard of them yet? The Mom's Choice award evaluates products and services created for children, families and educators. The program is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. They have reviewed thousands of items from more than 60 countries... so we are very happy to have made the cut!


How did they evaluate our games?

In their own words...

"MCA evaluators volunteer their time and are bound by a strict code of ethics which ensures expert and objective analysis free from any manufacturer association.

The evaluation process uses a proprietary methodology in which items are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost. Each item is judged on its own merit.

MCA evaluators are especially interested in items that help families grow emotionally, physically and spiritually; are morally sound and promote good will; and are inspirational and uplifting."

And here they are... our award winning games... Space Rescuers Astrophysics game 5-8+ and Atomic Force Chemistry game 6-10+!


And last but not least...


Hot Diggity Awards

Atomic Force and Robot Workshop feature again! Getting kids confident in science seems the top of Hot Diggity Award's list!

Read below exactly what they thought of our games...


Who are the Hot Diggity Awards?

They are a US program that evaluated hundreds of family products and toys each year... and they choose only 'the best of the best' with their award seal! They only choose innovative products which have top notch educational and entertainment value. 

We are so pleased that our hard work of developing, testing & testing again, playing & playing our games until they are perfect is paying off. Thanks for following us on our OjO journey! 

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