Phonics and Counting Flash Cards
Phonics and Counting Flash Cards
Phonics and Counting Flash Cards

Phonics and Counting Flash Cards

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The OjO Flashcards set includes numbers 1-20 and letters a-z. With this brilliantly illustrated set, you and your child will love learning to count and sequence numbers, recognise letters and say them out loud.

Perfect phonics during playtime
Learn all the sounds of the alphabet with these wonderfully illustrated flashcards. Each letter card features the lower-case letter on one-side, and pictures of animals and objects that start with that letter-sound, on the reverse-side.

Count to 20 with success!
This set of flashcards includes a card for each number from 1-20. Practice counting the lovely illustrated animals, sequencing the cards and much more!

Developed by early years experts

The Phonics and Counting Flashcards have been developed by our experts in early years education. We understand how children learn to read and count and have designed this set to optimise the learning experience.




Get the full experience
The Ed-ventures Homeschooling Kit is tailored towards 3+ year olds preparing to succeed in school. All included activities complement the EYFS and Montessori curricula and therefore make way for a natural progression into reception.
The Homeschooling Kit comes with the Phonics and Counting Flashcards Set, along with over 40 other activities and games. Your little one will love learning key skills with this kit!

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