Underwater Missions Marine Biology Board Game
Underwater Missions Marine Biology Board Game
Underwater Missions Marine Biology Board Game
Underwater Missions Marine Biology Board Game
Underwater Missions Marine Biology Board Game

Underwater Missions Marine Biology Board Game

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Marine biology game OjO
Players must swim around the board discovering different sea creatures & strategically using their oxygen & algae tokens to do so. The perfect game for inspiring a love for the oceans, learning ocean trivia all whilst developing strategic problem solving skills. 

Introduction to marine biology for younger years
Go on an underwater adventure and learn all about the life that lives in the deep blue sea. Test your marine knowledge and develop a passion for the amazing creatures in our oceans.

Learn amazing facts about the craziest creatures
By guessing marine creatures from the facts on the sea creature cards, children will learn amazing facts about many different creatures.

Use strategy & develop problem solving as a family
Players must use their algae and oxygen coins to move around the board and find the treasure. How will you use your coins? How will you collect them in the most efficient way?


Why marine biology?

Our oceans are under threat from over fishing, plastic and pollution, so we need passionate future innovators who are going to invent systems and solutions to save our seas. By learning about the wonders of the ocean at a young age, not only will your children learn some amazing facts, but they will be fascinated and inspired to protect the oceans. 


How to play

Dive into the Underwater Mission game and go on an ocean adventure!

    • Open up the board and identify all of the different sea creatures. Assemble and choose your diver ready for your expedition. Collect your 3 oxygen tiles & fish tank for your creatures. Take a treasure tile and reveal it to the other players. Your aim is to find this as you move around the board. 
    • Players use the oxygen tiles to move around the board. 1 oxygen = one step. 
    • When you land on a space, the player to your right picks a sea creature card and reads the first fact about that sea creature. Then the player has to guess what sea creature that fact could be about. 
    • If guessed correctly, the player collects a sea creature card and places it in their fish tank and collects an algae or oxygen card (depending on what is illustrated on the spot they landed). Oxygen coins can be used to move again, or algae cards to sneak through green coral walls!
    • If the sea creature is not guessed, they try again with another fact to try and identify the creature (there are 3 facts!). If not guessed they stay put. 
    • Repeat and move around the board trying to find the treasure card you were assigned with. 
    • The game is finished when the first player finds their treasure tile around the board.


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