The Christmas Pack
The Christmas Pack
The Christmas Pack
The Christmas Pack
The Christmas Pack

The Christmas Pack

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Developed by our Educational Director, our Christmas activity pack includes how to make reindeer candy canes, salt dough tree decorations, crispy rice Christmas trees and a classic Christmas card! An easy step-by-step guide is provided with images and templates.

With our versatile templates included in the activity pack, you can get creative with them and use them beyond these 4 activities! We have many suggested activities mentioned in the pack to get great use out of them.

The Christmas Activity Pack includes:

- Easy to follow instructions
- Templates with a variety of sizes
- Images as reference and inspiration!

Suitable for ages 3+ with adult supervision.

Get in the Christmas spirit with Santa


Become Santa's little helper for the day. Go on a magical Christmas journey with our 4 fun activities! Make lovely gifts and treats for friends, family and yourself.

Crispy Rice Christmas Trees
A simple treat to make and kids will adore the fun shape and colour!

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