<b> How board games help your future innovator </b>

How board games help your future innovator

Here at OjO, you’d think we are biased about board games as… well… we design and create them! However, we think our love for board games and play based learning is justified because we have done lots of research to make sure the game format was the best learning tool for your kids.

Keep reading to learn just some of the awesome benefits board games and find out why screen free learning became our mission.


Board games boost language skills

Whether or not your child is confident at reading, or you are reading out a cue card or instruction to them, their comprehension skills will be boosted. Board games also provide a great environment for conversation and discussion. They are a great tool for active play, rather than passive play such as some screen based activities.


Board games build concentration and focus

Focusing on a task for a longer period of time is great for children and adults alike. In a world of digital distractions, 60 second tik tok’s and constant adverts, we need to actively carve out time for focus to help train our brains. This will in turn help your future innovator concentrate at school and do their best.

This is why we designed our games to last 45-60 minutes. The perfect amount of time to develop focus... but also the perfect amount of time to allow efficient learning. 

Develop skills across learning styles

There are many different ways we learn, for example visually, verbally, aurally and more. However, contrary to popular belief we don’t just have one way we can learn. According to an article on The Atlantic which cites multiple learning pioneers, people who learned something only using their preferred learning style didn’t do any better on tests than those who used a variety of methods. In other words, your child might be a strong reader and a weak listener so they may prefer reading to learn something, but it doesn’t mean they should only read going forwards.

All of OjO’s board games and books are crafted to provide a variety of learning points and styles throughout, to support and nourish all learners to do their best! One thing that isn’t changing in the world of learning theory, is the fact that repetition helps push facts and learning into the long term memory. That’s why all of OjO’s games are made exciting enough to be played again and supplemented with the story booklets!


Board games develop team working skills

Team working is a future skill your children’s future employer will be looking out for. Sure, they will have some practice of this at school but the more practice, the better. Our Shape Factory game is the perfect game for team working, as one player builds a shape, the other guesses. Other team mates can provide clues until everyone reaches the finish line together… a real team effort!


Screen free learning

We all understand the benefits of the screen free aspect of board games. Since COVID lockdowns, screen time has risen, and we are all looking for more opportunities for activities exciting enough to prize the kids away from the screen. Playing a board game is a great way to reconnect with family, practice scenarios your kids might encounter in real life and develop future skills. 


Learn to be a good loser

No one particularly likes being a loser, but you can practice being a better one! It is important for kids (and adults) to recognise they can’t always win, but the next best thing is getting up and keeping on moving forward. Losing is a great opportunity to recognise the power of YET. Perhaps you can’t tackle the most difficult questions in our Movie Director game… YET… but with perseverance you will. Learn more about the power of yet in this blog post about the growth mindset.

Most of our board games have a competitive element, to help children learn to navigate the tricky emotions of losing and develop their interpersonal skills.


Learn much more than the STEM topic

Many of our board games are recommended for age 4-5 and up so children can try their hand at different STEM topics and build confidence at a topic like Atomic Chemistry from an early age. However, there is so much more to learn than just how atoms are made. Learn colours and shapes in the Shape Factory game, whilst also developing fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and engineering thinking. Develop memory skills whilst playing the language boosting game Story Creations… all while learning what makes people laugh as you practice your public speaking!

You get the idea… there are multiple learning points in each game. All of which are amplified when you play and play again.

The OjO team has a love for learning… we could probably go on all day about the benefits of board games and open ended play! What’s your favourite part of board games? Is it switching off? Having quality time with your family. Let us know in the comments.

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