<b>Meet Jeanie! ... and learn what makes a great STEM learning game</b>

Meet Jeanie! ... and learn what makes a great STEM learning game

Jeanie is joining the global OjO team from North Carolina, USA as our new Sales Manager. She is on the Executive Board of Directors and the Finance Committee of ASTRA, an organisation who supports toy stores & manufacturers across the USA.

Her career has been spent in executive positions with Phillips Van-Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger, Educational Development Corporation, and Schleich USA. She is also an educator, with degrees in Early Childhood Education and Library Science. A perfect combination of experience for our OjO team!
Keep reading to find her recommendations for all things STEM and learning. 

What makes a great STEM learning game or toy?

A STEM game or toy should be engaging and interactive. It should be easy to navigate and learn and fun to play. It must teach a concept and a skill that a child would otherwise not comprehend easily through other methods.


How can family time be a great way to teach kids STEM?

Family game night is a wonderful concept for interacting with each other and encouraging children to learn through playing a game. It feels like entertainment, rather than learning. Parents are the catalyst.

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Is it difficult for parents to find great STEM products?

Yes, much of the STEM products we see on the market are digital, with flashing LED lights and noises. Some are no more than one-time use kits. These products do not teach concrete learning skills and concepts. There are few products that require parents to participate.


What are your top picks for learning STEM this summer?

Based on the Mars Curiosity Rover and the Mars Mission that is in progress now, I pick OjO’s Robot Workshop as a big winner. This game encourages children to be part of the technology.

Atomic Force Chemistry game is another top pick. This game is a wonderful introduction to chemistry with engaging game pieces and a colorful game board that will encourage families to understand the fundamentals of chemistry. Any child that is introduced to this game will have a solid understanding of the subject ahead of when they will be introduced to it in the classroom.

Both games are multiple award winning! 

Robot Workshop has been recognised by Purdue Engineering University and How to Homeschool Homeschooling resources. 

Atomic Force has been recognised by How to Homeschool Homeschooling resources as well as the Mom's Choice Awards!

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