<b>Maximize the learning by creating a productive home learning environment for your child </b>

Maximize the learning by creating a productive home learning environment for your child

Sometimes, getting your child to learn in your home environment can be extremely tricky and lead to them becoming easily overwhelmed with lack of focus. When setting up a space for education at home, you need to remember these two key factors: calmness and productivity.

If you can incorporate them into your child’s daily learning, you will see an incredible difference with their growth. Homework time will become quicker, easier, and far less stressful. And for the really young ones, they will learn how to work in a real learning environment before beginning school.

Creating this calm and productive home learning environment won’t just help your little one in the short term but the long one too. It will allow them to develop a positive attitude towards learning, which will set them up for future education.

However, creating a calm and productive home learning environment is easier said than done. It can be a real struggle getting your child to want to learn and be productive with their work. So, here are some things you can do to create that calm and productive home learning environment:


Get rid of physical distractions

We’ve all been there. Even as adults, staying away from technology and other exciting areas of our lives can often get in the way of staying on track. Now, imagine this as a young child; all the colorful items and toys in the house are bound to get them distracted within no time.

That’s why you need to provide a clear workspace that is free of any potential distraction so that your child can stay productive.


Encourage break taking

What happens if you get rid of distractions and your child gets bored and loses focus? They may start getting stressed because they aren’t enjoying themselves. To combat this, you need to encourage regular breaks!

Allow your child to have periods of time where they immerse themselves in an activity other than learning, whether that’s some time playing outside or a short duration of screen time. Encouraging breaks will help your child see learning from a positive perspective that isn’t overwhelming or boring and is proven to benefit the absorption of information.


Teach mindfulness

Your home environment needs to be a calm one that promotes happy learning, right? If you want to achieve this, you should teach your child mindfulness. Encourage discussing feelings and understanding that it is ok to struggle understanding something.

Learning can be a busy process but when we take the time to pause, we see the benefits. Perhaps you start playing relaxing music as your child learns to create a stress-free atmosphere where they can get their work done and approach difficult subjects in a positive way.

Try our mindfulness activity pack to maximize the mindfulness, and minimize the stress. 


Introduce new ways of learning that are fun and engaging

Kids love to get hands on, and this is a great opportunity you can utilize throughout their home learning journey. Introducing new and exciting ways of learning that demands their engagement will keep them productive for a long time.

Adding practical elements such as educational toys, board games and activities is also a fantastic way to start incentivizing learning. Here at OjO we understand that young children need constant stimulation when it comes to their education.

That’s why we created our board games based on STEM subjects, getting your child critically thinking and encouraging curiosity whilst having fun. And that’s the most important part, making sure your home learning allows your child to have fun is going to really enhance that productivity.

Creating a calm and productive home learning environment doesn’t have to be difficult. There are so many ways you can help your child get the most out of their learning whilst having fun at the same time. Start implementing these top tips today and you will see the results in no time!

Let us know in the comment section what your top tips are!

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