<b>Five Ways to Celebrate Children’s Book Week</b>

Five Ways to Celebrate Children’s Book Week

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022

Children’s Book Week in the US is May 2nd through 8th (and Nov. 7-13th), so what better way to celebrate than reading with your kids? Book-based activities and interactive games and crafts that center around books are other great ways to spark a love for reading.

What Is Children’s Book Week?

Since 1919, Children’s Book Week has encouraged children to read, explore books, and develop literacy skills. It’s the longest-running literacy event in the country. The annual celebration will be two weeks in 2022, May 2nd-8th and November 7-13th.

Here are five fun ways to celebrate Book Week with kids:

Visit Your Local Library

You can’t celebrate Book Week without a visit to the library! Check ahead of time and see if your local branch is planning any special activities for book week. Even if they aren’t, exploring the shelves and pulling out some intriguing books is exciting for kids.

Let your child sign up for their very own library card to make the visit extra special. Then, they can use their brand-new card to check out their books of choice. You can also ask your child if there is a specific book they would like to read and show them how to search for it in the library’s database.

Read a Book Together Each Night

It’s a good practice to read with your kids often. But, as children start to read independently, parents and kids tend to not read together as much. This week, whether your child is an established independent reader or not, set aside some time each night to read a book together. Make sure to add in some extra time for discussion, asking your child about their favorite parts of the story.

Build a Book

Talk with your children about their favorite kinds of stories. You can discuss the concept of genres, like mystery, comedy, western, etc. Brainstorm a story idea with your child, perhaps drawing some pictures to help tell the story. Then, add words and build a book together using colorful paper and other supplies. Take turns reading your personalized book to each other.

Dress Like Your Favorite Character

Ask your child about their favorite character from their different books. Help your child put together a costume so they can dress like the character. Then, bring the book to a special place to read with your child. Tell them how imaging they are the character can help them put themselves in the character’s shoes as they read.

Create the Ultimate Book Nook

If you don’t already have a designated place for reading, this is the perfect week to make one. Discuss some options with your child of what makes a cozy book nook. Consider a comfortable, quiet location, fluffy pillows, a lamp, and an assortment of books. Ask your child for ideas to help personalize the nook, like unique pictures, favorite stuffed animals, etc.

All of these are excellent ways to celebrate Children’s Book Week with kids. Of course, even if you just spend time together enjoying a book, that works too! It’s all about helping kids develop a lifelong love for reading and literacy.

For more helpful ways to encourage your kids to love learning, check out all of our resources. You’ll discover all sorts of ways to spark young minds and develop a lifelong thirst for discovery and knowledge.

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