<b>Six Craft Ideas And Art Projects For Mother’s Day</b>

Six Craft Ideas And Art Projects For Mother’s Day

Saturday, March 26th, 2022

If you’re looking for a more personal way to show mom how special she is to you this Mother’s Day, make something from the heart. Not only does creating a gift add that personal touch, but it’s also an incredible learning opportunity for kids.

Arts and crafts develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, color and pattern recognition, and so much more. Plus, many different projects encompass various STEM concepts, including symmetry, chemistry, electricity, counting, and spatial awareness.

So, skip the mall this Mother’s Day and give mom something truly unique. Here are six charming, fun, and creative crafts for Mother’s Day that also embrace STEM learning. Kids will enjoy making them just as much as moms love receiving them.

1. Chromatography Flower Posy

Chromatography sounds really challenging but it isn’t! It’s quite straightforward to do and produces a great result for just a little effort, if you’ve not seen it before why not give it a go. To create chromatography flowers, see OjO's step by step guide on our activity pack.

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2. Create A Crayon Candle

This colorful candle from The Pinning Mama is as pretty as it is fun to make. Kids can learn about different states of matter as the wax hardens from a liquid to a solid.

They can also add scents to the candles using essential oils and create patterns with different colored layers. Make sure, though, that kids have adult supervision during this craft. You’ll be heating wax and pouring it, so keep little hands safe from burns.

3. Send A Secret Message

Write mom a top-secret message about how much she means to you with this invisible ink experiment from Science Buddies. Invisible ink isn’t just cool; it’s also a great way to teach about chemical reactions.

This project is excellent for older kids or for younger kids with adult supervision and assistance since you’ll need to use an iron. Make sure kids get to choose what their message will say, and if they’re able, let them write it on their own.

4. Make Homemade Bath Bombs

Popular Mother’s Day gifts have always been things to do with relaxing, like bubble baths, lotions, or bath salts. Fizzy bath bombs are also an excellent contender, and making your own is a great chemistry lesson.

Kids Crafts by Three Sisters features a fun bath bomb recipe that lets kids get hands-on, no oven or heating required. Plus, they can get creative by choosing various colors, scents, and shapes for their bath bombs. Depending on what size molds you use, you should get 4 to 5 bombs from this recipe.

5. Light Up Mom’s Card

If you have kids interested in engineering or similar pursuits, consider creating a light-up card for mom. This project from Rosie Research introduces the idea of paper circuits to kids.

It blends art with electrical engineering and lets kids explore electricity, batteries, circuits, and more. These cards are sure to brighten up mom’s day.

6. Wow Mom With These Cards

Kids can learn about basic math concepts like transformations and symmetry with these clever and cute cards from Whimziville. You just need a few basic supplies and some imagination to create these cards that turn “Mom” into “Wow” with a flip.

Looking for more hands-on ways to learn with your kids? Check out all of our resources to discover new ways to learn every day.

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