<b> Potato Pattern Printing: Play with your food!</b>

Potato Pattern Printing: Play with your food!

This printmaking Ed-Venture is an easy introduction to printmaking which has numerous developmental benefits for your child. I will help them to improve their bilateral communication, fine motor skills and their self-control (because good things come to those who wait for paint to dry!) Printmaking is one of the most fun activities we can do with our children at this age - and there’s no denying it’s great fun for us all! 

The activity is simple - it only takes 10 minutes to prep. You will need:

  • Potatoes
  • Paint, in 3 different colours
  • Paper



Step 1

Cut the potatoes into manageable pieces, in four different shapes. These can be simple free form chunks, or if you have good carving skills, go with a selection of geometric shapes. You don’t need to be an expert, but as long as they all look different, the shapes you choose is your call!

Step 2

Squeeze a small amount of paint into saucer and, using a combination of shapes and colours, stamp out a pattern for your child to continue and complete.

Step 3

 Encourage and praise your child as they create the pattern, with bonus praise if they’re doing an accurate job!This Ed-Venture will reinforce the importance of sequencing patterns and repetition. 

Take photos and Instagram them with the mention @learnwithojo, for a claim to social media fame.

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