<b>Meet Ella! Our 2021 Intern </b>

Meet Ella! Our 2021 Intern

Every year at OjO we welcome summer interns... and this year we had Ella from New York join us (virtually!).
Ella has been leading a new affiliate program project, from research to helping plan a webinar to welcome everyone. Also she has been developing our sales platforms in the US as well as helping with Instagram stories and engagement. 
We asked her a few questions about all things STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Math)... a future career she is interested to go into!
When did you first get interested in STEM?
I have known that I have been interested in STEM ever since I was around 10. By fourth grade, science and math became my favorite classes. I loved the experiments in science, and I was always excited to learn more about the world around us. Math became fun because I loved problem solving and figuring out the correct answer to difficult math problems. Ever since then my love for STEM has only grown.
Why are you interested in STEM?
I am interested in STEM because of how endless the possibilities are in the field. STEM ican be Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, and it is not even confined to just those specific categories. And because STEM is such a broad term, there is so much you can do with it. For instance, you could learn chemistry, or go an entirely different route and study computer science and coding. Because STEM can mean so much, it is easy to find what you love and then explore it more deeply.
Which OjO game do you like the most so far? 
My favorite game that OjO has to offer is Robot Workshop. I love the fact that it is based off of the NASA curiosity rover. I also love how you have to, in a way, adopt the role of a NASA engineer in order to solve problems.
What is your dream career?
My dream career would definitely be to run a company of my own. Although I have no idea what my company would do, I love the idea of being in charge of something that has the potential to make change in the world.

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