<p style=":#09cc87;"><b>Autism is a superpower. Resources for learning more about autism with your children </b>

Autism is a superpower. Resources for learning more about autism with your children

For Autism Awareness week 2021, we thought we would put together some resources for all children and families to learn about autism.

The list is full of resources pulled from amazing creators many of which have autism themselves. There are videos to learn more as well as activities for children with autism to understand how their brain works. There can be a lot of misunderstanding around autism... there is no 'normal' way for someone's brain to be wired. There are just different ways!

Last year, we sent samples of our games to an amazing girl called Maryam (who happens to have autism) and we are happy to report back that she loved them. It is important to us at OjO to make sure our games are enjoyable for all!

Try a few of the resources and comment below if you learnt something new or have something to add!


What is Autism?

Information pack

Twinkl has many great resources… and this is one of them! This pack is all about autism for parents wanting to educate their child about the topic.

Access the pack here


Autism is a Superpower by Poppy Thorne


This is a creative and interactive booklet designed for young people who have autism and ADHD to better understand how their brain works and why their everyday perceptions might be different from their peers.

Access the booklet here


Autism is my super power, what’s yours?


Jared Wynder has lived his life shocking doctors and defying the limits put on him by autism. He explains how all of us can also find powers inside of us. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Watch the video here

Autism Awareness quiz

Quiz activity

Test your understanding of autism & knowledge of autistic celebrities (!) with this multiple choice quiz designed by the National Autistic Society.

Access the quiz here


Autism Resources for further learning


You can also download learning resources from The National Autistic Society to deepen your understanding.

Access the resources here

30 activities for teaching children who have autism


This resource has a wealth of ideas for parents or educators who are teaching a child with autism. 15 activities are focused on helping children develop social skills, which can be something that children with autism have difficulty with. The other 15 activities are learning and teaching strategies to help children with autism finish the school year strong!

Access the resources here

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