Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

World Book Day is this Thursday, March 3rd. Why not visit www.worldbookday.com to find out about some of the fabulous activities that you can take part in. If you are looking for something to read, we have selected 5 STEM books that will be valuable for your children’s development and are also fun along the way! It has been proven that reading boosts our mental health and we have written some reasons below why it is important to read with your child.

Reading with your child is important as it:

  • Builds relationships, creating deeper bonds between child and parent.
  • Provides new experiences, awareness building about the world outside home.
  • Improves communication, building greater vocabulary, speech patterns and enunciation.
  • Improves concentration, story time providing an ideal incentive to build concentration.
  • Helps develop a lifetime love of books.

See our top picks below:

This book celebrates the accomplishments of bold women in black history who have contributed to making the world better for generations of girls and women to come.

This is a story about learning to code. Gain a theoretical understanding of the basic principles of coding for the early years.

This book will be a hit with young space and science enthusiasts! Learn about the exploration of the Big Bang and the origins of the universe.

This lovely pop-up book teaches the magic of counting. Kids will learn valuable counting skills and the fun you can have working as a team.


The Maker Lab includes 28 hands-on learning projects requiring household materials only to bring out your creative side! It explains the how and why of each experiment helping kids to understand the scientific principles.

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