<b>5 Fun Science Activities To Celebrate Science Week</b>

5 Fun Science Activities To Celebrate Science Week

Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

Calling all science lovers! It’s British Science Week (BSW) March 11th through 20th , which strives to spark interest in all STEM-related activities. It celebrates science, technology, engineering, and math and introduces some of the latest innovations. No matter where you live, you can celebrate the wonders of science with these five easy and fun science activities.

#1 Create Your Own Rock Candy

Photo by Jeweled Rose

This deliciously delightful science experiment from Growing A Jeweled Rose helps show kids the sweet side of science. Different cooking and baking tasks are a great way to learn about science and math. You have to do all sorts of skills like measuring, balancing, weighing, mixing, testing, and more.

In this fun project, kids get to create edible rock crystals in an assortment of vibrant colors. They’ll learn as they grow the crystals, then get to enjoy a yummy treat afterward. All you need are 2 to 3 cups of sugar, 1 cup of water, some skewers, candy flavorings of your choice, a saucepan, food coloring, and clothespins. You’ll also need a jar for each color candy you want to create.

#2 Use Glitter Or Powder To Teach About Germs

As an adult, you understand that germs are everywhere, and they can spread like wildfire after one quick touch. But, for young kids, it can be hard to visualize this somewhat invisible concept. After all, you can’t see germs.

Grab some glitter or baby powder to help kids see how much germs can spread from person to person. Have them dip their hands in glitter or powder and then shake hands with one person. Let the kids see how the new person has glitter or powder on their hands.

Now, have that person go to someone else with clean hands and give a shake. Once again, the kids will see how the powder or glitter transfers to the next person and so on.

#3 A Colorful Demonstration Of How Water Moves

Photo by 123Homeschool4me

The idea of groundwater moving through different layers of soil might not sound very exciting. Nor does the concept of water molecules pulling other molecules. But, 123 Homeschool 4Me gives a colorful demonstration of capillary action that makes learning fun and engaging.

All you need are food coloring, 7 glasses lined up on a table, and some paper towels. After a quick and simple setup, kids will start to see capillary action in a whole new way.

#4 Engineer A Product

Have kids gather up all sorts of recyclables and other materials from around the house. Then, give them the task of inventing a product that helps solve a problem. Perhaps they need to develop a way to prop up their cell phone or keep their sandwich from being squished in their lunch bag.

#5 Make Your Own Slime

It’s a classic for a reason - kids love it because it's ooey-gooey fun, and parents love it because it’s a learning opportunity. Arm and Hammer has all sorts of ways you can make slime using various household materials. It’s a great chemistry lesson and boredom buster in one.

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