<b>4 fun & educational outdoors learning activities to boost your child’s brain this spring </b>

4 fun & educational outdoors learning activities to boost your child’s brain this spring

It’s beginning to feel and look like springtime and Easter is around the corner!

Here are 4 educational activities you can try with your child, to supplement your home learning. You might be in the garden, in the park, in the supermarket… but wherever you are there many simple and fun games you can do to entertain and educate your child at the same time!


Hunt for colours and develop attention to detail 

  • Have a ‘colour hunt’ with your children! In this activity you will ask your child to find 3 yellow objects, then 4 green ones, and so on. Depending on where you are, make sure you pick a colour that will allow your child to be successful! 

Activate your child’s senses with a mindful walk

  • Go on a listening walk, talk to your child about the sounds you can hear around you. Think: traffic zooming, other children laughing, birds tweeting, the wind rustling in the trees. Discuss how they are different… are they loud, soft, squeaky, scratchy…

Want to try more mindfulness activities? Download our full mindfulness activity pack here. 


Spot the object and boost your child’s memory

  • Take photos on your phone whilst you are out to share with your kid when you get home. If you’ve been somewhere special like the zoo, the benefits are obvious but it can be very rewarding to take photos of less obvious things such as a photo of part of your house and see if they can recognise it! Some other examples are a close up of a pet’s paw, plants in your garden, or a house plant if you’re in an apartment.


Get creative with water painting!

  • This activity is best in the garden or your local park on a dry day. Your child needs a large paint brush and a container of water (the free paint!). The wet brush can be used to paint large letters or numbers on the ground or a wooden fence. The letters will remain visible for quite some time on a mild spring day and it is a free, easy, fun and tidy activity.

These quick and easy activities are developed by our educational experts especially for busy parents. They all develop key STEM skills for success in school and life! These activities and (over 30 more in depth activities) can be found in our Ed-ventures homeschooling kit for children aged 3-5. It is the essential kit for school readiness and has all you need to prepare your child for school!

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