Magformers Metropolis

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This STEM activity is a favourite at OjO HQ, it requires a little engineering work but it’s well worth it. Using MAGFORMERS (one of OjO’s favourite educational toys for 2017) your child can create their own future city at home. Ideal for budding architects!

Building with MAGFORMERS improves maths skills and deductive reasoning whilst improving spatial awareness.

Create anything from roads and buildings to more intricate details such as birds in the sky—how your child designs their Metropolis is entirely up to them. Watch the super easy-to-use pieces click together instantly, giving endless opportunities for creative construction fun!

You will need:

A MAGFORMERS set of your choice (OjO recommends the LED set because it has lots of pieces!) If you don’t wish to use Magformers then toy cars or vehicles will work too

A large sheet of card/coloured paper—black or grey works best

Assorted tape—coloured masking tape and washi tape both work brilliantly

A pair of child-safe scissors

Step 1

Use the tape to map out your roads onto the large piece of card.

Step 2

Use the tape to section off small squares to use as ‘footings’ for your MAGFORMERS buildings.

Step 3

Add your road markings and other features. Be as adventurous as you’d like—our ‘how to’ videos and photos are just a starting point.

You can add roundabouts, traffic lights and pavements. Encourage your child to think like urban planners!

Step 4

Construct your MAGFORMERS buildings and cars and let the open-ended play begin. What adventures will your vehicles have around your Metropolis?

When taking a little break from playing, the best way to store your Metropolis is by sliding it under the bed so that everything stays intact.

Bonus Ed-venture:

At OjO we absolutely love LEGO. If your little one has proven to be a passionate engineer, why not build some LEGO buildings and vehicles to add to the fun? The opportunities are endless and your child can build on the Metropolis to their heart’s content!

We would love you to share photos and videos of you building process, metropolis and MAGFORMERS in action with @learnwithojo on social media.

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