X Marks the Spot

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Looking for an adventurous yet simple weekend activity? This STEM inspired activity will teach your child how to use a metal detector to find hidden treasure!

Not only is the treasure hunt fun and engaging, it can also raise your child’s awareness about how we can help clean up our environment too by identifying and removing rubbish. Our Metal Detector Treasure Hunt is a flexible activity which is easy for you to put your own stamp on. Eye patches at the ready!

You will need:

Metal Detector (batteries not included)

TREASURE! Take a look around the house and you’ll find all kinds of objects you can use, but just remember it’s going to be buried in sand so nothing precious! Keys, coins, bolts, small beads or toy bricks covered with tin foil make excellent shiny treasure.

Sand tray. If you don’t have a sand tray, simply put sand in a tea tray.

Now to begin the activity…

Step 1.

Gather the treasures and hide them under the sand in the tray, making sure your little one is out of sight and cannot peek!

Step 2.

Make sure your detector is calibrated and ready for use with well charged batteries, and test it yourself first to check it responds when hovered over the tray.

Step 3.

Give your child a demonstration on how to use it properly to find treasure, then set them free to search and excavate!

4 top tips for metal detector success:

  • Use it in a continuous sweeping motion to find treasure
  • Hold it at about 3-5cm above the sand
  • Make sure your treasures are at least 3-5cm in size
  • Make sure that any small coins are hidden in numbers

Bonus Ed-Ventures:

Take learning to the next level. Add in a few non-metallic objects which will give you and your child the chance to talk about why the metal detector couldn’t identify them.

If your little one is the adventurous kind, up the ante by taking the treasure hunt into the garden (just stay away from the flower beds!)

Simply take the metal detector around the house—discover out what household objects are made of!

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