Nature Hunt

Nature Hunt

This fun, science-based Ed-Venture is the perfect way to incorporate fun learning into daily routine. We love our children’s’ curiosity when it comes to the world around them, and it’s important to keep those inquisitive minds stimulated!

Our Nature Hunt Ed-Venture will tap into those bright explorer minds – while turning the routine dog walk, kick-about in the park or stroll to school, into an adventure! Working through our essential checklist and collecting leaves, creepy crawlies, and other of nature’s wonders will encourage your children to use all 5 of their senses while having some outdoor fun and keeping away from the telly.

Not only will they learn about nature and how to make sense of their surroundings, but there is also chance to really enhance conversation and broaden their vocabulary. It’s a no-brainer!

The beauty of this activity is it only takes 5 minutes to prep. You will need:

Your trusty Nature Hunt checklist.

Either print our checklist in advance and tick things off in classic explorer style, or to suit you on-the-go, you can simply use your smartphone – perfect if you’re in a hurry.

A container to collect ‘specimens’.

A set of nature collecting jars would make the perfect Christmas or birthday present for your children to get their hunting hats on, but otherwise, anything with a lid will do!

Now that spring is finally here there’s no shortage of exciting things to learn about when you’re out and about. Use your Nature Hunt checklist to tick off all the items you find, while explaining what they are as you go. There should be plenty to share and learn about once you get home.

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We’d love to see what you found on the Nature Hunt, and how much fun your child had in the process. Upload your photos/videos to Instagram with the mention @learnwithojo and we will share your child’s achievement to all of our social media followers.

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