Thirsty Earth


Most of our planet (71%) is covered in water. Most of this is salty and found in the seas and oceans. A comparatively small amount is also found in lakes and rivers, aquifers (water stored in rocks underground), glaciers (frozen rivers) and ice caps. Explore 2 unique bodies of water, the Amazon River and the Dead Sea.


The Amazon River in South America is the longest or second longest river in the world. People have argued for many years about whether the Amazon or the River Nile in Northeast Africa is longest!

Red Piranha

Piranha are omnivorous fish that will eat other fish as well as plants. They live in the Amazon River and are known for their sharp teeth and strong jaws.


The Dead Sea is a salt lake based in the Middle East.

Stinky Lake

The Dead Sea is sometimes called the Stinky Lake because of the mineral smell it gives off!

No one here!

The Dead Sea is almost 10 times more salty than the ocean. This is much too salty for plants and animals to live in which is why it’s called the Dead Sea.

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