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The Science Bundle

Learn about the building blocks of the body and our universe with the Science Bundle. Introduce intimidating subjects through play, making them easier to understand and impossible to forget! From nutrition to atomic chemistry, The Science Bundle develops confident scientists ready for the lab.

Coding for early years

The Which Way? Coding Board Game is the perfect way to introduce coding to your child from a young age. This game helps to build planning, problem solving and testing skills which are all required for building programmes in the future.

Choose your theme! Help the self-driving digger to build a future city with the Future Cities theme, or guide Messy Monster along his way to visit his friends around OKIDO World. Or purchase both for the full OjO coding experience!

OKIDO World Which Way? Coding Board Game

Future Cities Which Way? Coding Board Game

The Geometry Bundle

Discover a world of shapes with the Geometry Bundle. We recommend this set for any 4-5 year old, excited to make pictures and play together.

Join Tojo and Hexojo as they look for the right shapes to put together their space rocket design, with the Geometry Creator Storybook!

Have a go yourself with the Shape Factory Board Game—a collaborative picture making and guessing game.

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