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Tech Bundle

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This bundle is a combination of the Which Way? and Robot Workshop games, and the PC Maker Kit. Choose any 2 of these for up to 10% off of the price.

Robot Workshop Robotics Theory Board Game

The Robot Workshop game offers a simple and fun way to learn about Robotics systems and design features. Inspired by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, children complete missions by working out which components to use when 'building' the ideal robot for the mission.

Which Way? Coding Board Game (Future Cities)

The Which Way? Coding Board Game is an exciting strategy game for 4-8 year olds. Children will love learning key coding skills as they lay out routes across the map. Help the self-driving digger reach all its destinations and build the Future City!

This product is only available in the US.

PC Maker Paper Model Kit

Learn about the basics of computer components and build your own PC! The PC Maker Kit teaches in simple terms, the main hardware components of a computer, what functions they perform, how they are assembled and how they work together.


Get excited about tech

For the little engineers and tech whizzes! This bundle will help develop an understanding of basic engineering concepts and coding for children who might pursue a career as a computer scientist or engineer.

Expand the world of possibilities

Any combination of this bundle, from programming with the Which Way? Game to constructing a computer with the PC Maker Kit, prompts children to solve problems and build skills while they play.

A great deal for a great deal!

Get up to an extra 5% off the price of the award winning Which Way? Game when you purchase at least 2 of our tech games.

How do computers work?

The Tech Bundle is the essential 21st Century starter pack. We rely on computers for so much, this bundle approaches technology from all angles. From designing machines with the Robot Workshop game, to building a computer with the PC Maker Kit, to programming them to work correctly with the Which Way? Coding Game.

Both Which Way? Game and Robot Workshop have been listed as top STEM games for children this year, so combine these with the hands-on skills promoted by the PC Maker Kit, your child is set up for tech success!

It helps to teach four of the top coding skills to children (define the mission, plan the route, code the program and test the route), helping youngsters develop ‘computational thinking’ incorporating planning, as well as their problem solving, coding and testing skills – essential attributes for successful coders.

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Learn all about computers from their components to coding. These games support development in comprehension, fine motor skills, spatial awareness, problem solving and strategy building—a balanced introduction into computer science.

Yes, you may choose at least 2 and there is no upper limit.

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