Story Creations Storytelling Board Game


Travel around a world of strange and wonderful possibilities by telling short stories!

The Story Creations board game stimulates storytelling and creativity. Players must travel across the map towards the finish line. Tell stories improvised to include certain features, collect tokens and learn about different storytelling techniques!

Key features:

  • Fun family game for 5+ year olds
  • Blend literacy and creative thinking
  • Develop problem solving skills from a young age
  • Have a good laugh at the wacky stories that come out!
  • Fun for adults too!

Why storytelling?

Storytelling is a skill that encompasses many other valuable life skills. These include language, communication and confidence, listening skills, memory and imagination. Learn what makes a good short story through practice and have fun spending quality time with friends, family and classmates.

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How does it work?

  • Player 1 rolls the dice to take their first steps across the map
  • Depending on which island they land, pick a Story card and spin the spinner on the board
  • Use the criteria defined by the Story card and spinner to create your story
  • For each criterion fulfilled by the story, collect a token
  • Race to the finish line and collect the most tokens to win!
OjO Story Creations Educational Storytelling Board Game board and components laid out

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