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Space Rescuers Astrophysics Board Game

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Play the Space Rescuers game to discover fun facts about our solar system, the planets and their positions in relation to the Sun. Learn about the impact of space waste as you clean up along the way, on your mission to rescue space!

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For young space fans!

Support your child’s fascination for the celestial wonders of the universe—perhaps they will grow up to become an astrophysicist!

Simplify complex concepts for young children

Space is mysterious and complicated. Even adult scientists are baffled sometimes. Simplify what we know in simple terms for children (and adults!), with the Space Rescuers game.

Fun family game

Our board games are perfect for home-learning families, class rooms and playmates. Introduce tricky subjects with engaging and memorable activities.

What is space waste?

Space waste is a term used to describe man-made debris that no longer serves a useful purpose, most of which is now orbiting the Earth.

This includes derelict satellites, spent rocket stages and other particles brought by the Earth’s atmosphere. There is actually more of it than you might think, representing an increasing risk to spacecraft, as more debris is generated and left to orbit.

How to play

Go on an important mission through our solar system, collecting interesting facts and gathering space waste along the way.

  • Choose an Astronaut to play, place them on the Start position (Earth) and get your Recycle Bin ready.
  • Roll the dice to move around the board. Players can land either on Space or Planet stops.
  • Players must answer questions according to where you land and earn space waste coins for correct answers about Space or Planets.
  • All players must reach the Finish line. The player with the most space waste coins wins!

This game was given as a gift. It was enthusiastically opened and instructions were read. Easy to understand, suggested for space lovers!

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Foster a fascination for all things space, support reading, listening comprehension and early math skills.

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