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Space Bundle

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This bundle is a combination of the Space Rescuers and Robot Workshop board games. Purchase at least 2 games for up to 5% off of the total price.

Space Rescuers Astrophysics Board Game

Play the Space Rescuers game to discover fun facts about our solar system, the planets and their positions in relation to the Sun. Learn about the impact of space waste as you clean up along the way, on your mission to rescue space!

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Robot Workshop Robotics Theory Board Game

The Robot Workshop game offers a simple and fun way to learn about Robotics systems and design features. Inspired by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, children complete missions by working out which components to use when 'building' the ideal robot for the mission.


Inspire curiosity

This bundle is created especially for space lovers and future engineers. You will learn amazing facts about the solar system and design a robot perfect for the hostile space environment.

Expand the world of possibilities

Make astrophysics and robotics more approachable for ages 5+. These games give an insight to future careers such as robotics engineer or astrophysicist.

A great deal for a great deal!

Get an extra 5% off when you purchase at least 2 of these best-selling games.

What’s out there in space?

Learn some tantalizing facts about the incredible universe that we live in, with the Space Rescuers game. Then practice putting together the perfect robot for negotiating harsh space environments, with the Robot Workshop game.

Cultivate the minds of your little astronauts, astrophysicists and aerospace engineers with the Space Bundle. There are so many questions about our universe left yet to answer, we will need many more bright minds to discover the secrets of the cosmos!

I can add being an astrophysicist to the list of professions I want to be when I grow up. This game is so much fun and educational! Perfect for home-learning families and classrooms.

Kayden, US, on Space Rescuers Game


Reading and listening comprehension, early math and problem-solving skills—plus developing an interest in all things space!

Yes, you may choose at least 2 and there is no upper limit.

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