Shape Factory Geometry Board Game


Collaborate to build everyday things from geometrical shapes and guess what they represent!

The Shape Factory board game poses a set of challenges relating to geometrical shapes. Players must work together while one builds an image out of shapes and the other guesses correctly. Build spatial awareness, imagination and collaboration.

Key features:

  • Fun family game for 4+ year olds
  • Blend maths with creative thinking
  • Develop problem solving skills from a young age
  • Learn how to work together as a team!
  • Fun for adults too!

Why geometrical shapes?

Geometrical shapes offer many rich learning opportunities. Young children can learn how shapes fit together, building spacial awareness and laying the foundation for geometrical theory. At the same time, boost fine motor skills, imagination and visual recognition. This game is a collaborative game, so children must learn to work together in order to complete and win!

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How does it work?

  • Player 1 draws a Picture card without showing the other players
  • Player 1 must then use the geometrical shapes in the factory to create an image that resembles the card
  • Players have one minute to guess what the image resembles while it’s being built
  • Take turns with the other players and place each correctly guessed card on the conveyor belt
  • Everyone wins the game when the conveyor belt is filled with correctly built Picture cards
OjO Shape Factory Educational Maths Board Game (4+ Years) board and components laid out

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