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Science Bundle

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This bundle is a combination of Food Battles, DNA Factory and Atomic Force board games. Choose at least 2 of these games for up to 10% off of the price.

DNA Factory Genetics Board Game

Build your own hybrid animal and learn about DNA’s secret formula! The DNA Factory Board Game offers a creative way to introduce the concept of genetics to your child.

Atomic Force Chemistry Board Game

The Atomic Force board game teaches fundamental chemistry concepts. Each player gets an avatar and rolls dice to cross the board from start to finish. Along the way, collect Protons, Neutrons and Electrons and solve different challenges to build simple elements and compounds.

Food Battles Biology Board Game

Play the Food Battles game for a novel introduction to the major organs, their location and function within our bodies, focusing on the digestive system and how diet effects our health. Players must collaborate to win food battles and achieve a healthy human body!


Boost confidence in science

Depending on your choice, the games will increase confidence in nutrition, genetics, or atomic chemistry. Help the learning stick with imaginative, creative play.

Simplify complex concepts for young children

This bundle is perfect for those interested in science OR those who are daunted by the subject. The games simplify complex science to build a solid foundation in the subject.

A great deal for a great deal!

Get up to an extra 10% off when you purchase at least 2 of our super science games.

What are we made of?

Explore the digestive system with the Food Battles game and find out how our bodies transform food into fuel. Discover DNA with the DNA Factory game and learn how these genetic molecules instruct our bodies. Get even smaller with the Atomic Force game to understand how everything, including the stuff we’re made of, can be broken down into atomic particles.

This bundle introduces some of the fundamental concepts of our existence, which sounds intimidating, but trust us—it’s fun and easy to follow!

My favorite part about playing this game was learning how different foods effect the body and which foods are better choices. Mommy's favorite thing about this game was how fun it was while learning at the same time.

Careena, US, on Food Battles Game


Foster an interest in biology and chemistry and develop problem solving, experimentation, creative thinking, literacy and early math skills.

Yes, you may choose at least 2 and there is no upper limit.

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