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Robot Workshop Robotics Theory Board Game

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The Robot Workshop game offers a simple and fun way to learn about Robotics systems and design features. Inspired by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, children complete missions by working out which components to use when ‘building’ the ideal robot for the mission.


Feel like a robotics engineer!

Learn how to pick the right components your robot will need to complete each mission.

Fun family game

Our board games are perfect for home-learning families, class rooms and playmates. Introduce tricky subjects with engaging and memorable activities.

Build problem solving skills

Boost reading/listening comprehension as children receive and understand the brief; complete missions by solving mini problems.

Why robotics?

Robots are increasingly designed and implemented to make our lives easier or safer. We use robots to do highly complex or repetitive tasks, tasks requiring extreme precision or dangerous conditions.

But humans still have plenty of work to do, as we still need people to design the robots, and that is where YOU come in!

How to play

Learn about Robotics by designing robots, for space mission challenges on an alien world!

  • Each player takes a Robot Core tile. Make sure to read the robot parts guide to learn the functions of each part.
  • Roll the dice to move across the board. If a player passes a Mission space, stop, pick up and read out the Mission Card.
  • Choose the components required for the mission and place them on the spaces provided in the workshop area.
  • Once the player is happy with their choice, check the robot is built correctly. If correct, continue to move along the board. If incorrect, miss a turn.
  • First player to reach the Finish Card and complete the mission wins the game!

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Develop reading and listening comprehension, memory and problem solving skills.

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