Phonics and Counting Flashcards

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The Phonics and Counting Flashcards can also be purchased as part of our full school readiness set. The Ed-ventures Kit for future school success is tailored towards 3+ year olds preparing to succeed in school. All our activities complement the EYFS and Montessori curricula and therefore make way for a natural progression into reception.

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Learn phonics and practice counting with our fun illustrated flashcards! Approved by teachers, you can feel confident that our flashcards will support your child’s learning and give them a head start at school.

There are lots of great ways to play and learn with the Phonics and Counting Flashcards. We have a few suggestions to get you started.

Learning to read with the Phonics Flashcards

The set comes with 26 cards, one for each letter sound of the alphabet. On one side there is a large lowercase letter and a word beginning with that letter. On the other side is an illustration of 2 or 3 more animals or items beginning with the letter.

Children enjoy identifying the items on the card, this enforces the first letter sound. It’s also fun to play a memory game and see if they can remember the items when shown the letter side.

Learning to count with the Counting Flashcards

Included in the set are also 20 cards for each number from 1-20. On one side is the number symbol and name. On the other side is an illustrated set of animals, demonstrating the quantity.

Some of the animals on the cards differ slightly so children can practice counting all the giraffes for example, or just the ones with their tongues sticking out!

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