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PC Maker Paper Model Kit

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Learn about the basics of computer components and build your own PC! The PC Maker Kit teaches in simple terms, the main hardware components of a computer, what functions they perform, how they are assembled and how they work together.


Introduction to computer science

Learn about all the components of a standard PC, what they do and where they go. Put together your own paper model without breaking the bank!

Learn by doing

Cement newly acquired knowledge by creating a learning experience with the PC Maker Kit. Follow the instructions to build your own PC and form lasting memories.

For girls and boys alike

Our kits and games do not discriminate when it comes to gender. Have fun playing with the whole family, Atomic Force is sure to entertain everyone!

Why computer science?

Nowadays computers are used to perform all manner of tasks across every kind of industry. Children are taught early on in school how to use computers but not how they work! By understanding the fundamental principles behind how a computer works, we can find new ways to use them effectively.

How to make

Learn about the basics of computer architecture and build your own PC!
  • Carefully cut out all Computer Components from the game card.
  • Read about each of the components and how they make up a computer.
  • Follow the visual instructions on the card for piecing the components together, or to the PC.
  • Make sure to place glue on all sides of Components marked as “glue”. This will help hold everything together!
  • Repeat the above instructions for building the computer using its Peripherals and its Stand (found on the page of the card next to the summary of all parts).


Gain an introduction to computer components, their functions and relative position. Also support reading comprehension and fine motor skills.

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