Movie Director Maths Board Game


Direct your own mini-movies and solve maths problems at the same time!

The Movie Director Educational Board Game offers a new way to build maths skills, problem solving and imagination, all while having fun with family and classmates!

Key features:

  • Fun family game for 5+ year olds
  • Blend maths with creative thinking
  • Develop problem solving skills from a young age
  • Feel like a movie director!
  • Movie Cards (math problems) are categorised by age and difficulty

Why word problems?

Word problems are a great place to start because they involve so many different skills that apply during later life as well as at school. Growing up, and as an adult, we encounter real-life maths problems every day and they rarely come to us already organised into neat equations. It is up to us to dissect the situation, identify the relevant information and formulate it into a problem that we can solve.

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How does it work?

  • Draw a Movie Card from the pile and read your maths word problem aloud
  • Choose a set and props for your movie
  • Act out the movie using the set and props to find the answer to the problem!
  • Take turns with the other players
  • Win awards for the most correct answers!
OjO Movie Director Educational Maths Game (5+ Years) board and components laid out

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