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Math Bundle

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This bundle is a combination of Movie Director and Shape Factory games. Get 5% off the total price when bought together.

Shape Factory Geometry Board Game

Players must work together while one builds an image out of shapes and the other tries to guess what it is. Guess correctly and together move along the production line towards the finish line. Build spatial awareness, imagination and collaboration skills.

Movie Director Math Board Game

Direct your own mini-movies and solve maths problems at the same time. The Movie Director Educational Board Game offers a new way to build maths skills, problem solving and imagination, all while having fun with family and classmates!


Make friends with math

Math can be a daunting subject but often needed in everyday life. Introduce a tricky subject with engaging and memorable activities.

Develop life skills

Movie Director involves reading, visualisation and problem solving tasks, while Shape Factory develops spatial awareness, geometry and fine motor skills. These games make a well-rounded combination for mathematic success!

A great deal for a great deal!

Get an extra 5% off when you purchase at least 2 of our marvellous math games.

Can I be good at math too?

Both the Movie Director and Shape Factory games translate math to the real world. Solve math challenges by building everyday scenarios, and discover geometrical shapes by arranging them to make pictures.

The Math Bundle is the perfect tool to help your child develop a foundation in early numeracy. Your child will be so busy playing the games, they won’t even realise they’re doing math!

I gave this game to my niece as a gift for Halloween and she loved it. She played with me and loved picking a movie, designing a set, picking the props and counting the math. I have bought her a lot of gifts in the last few years and think that Movie Director is one of the top 3. I highly recommend it!

Amazon Customer, UK, on Movie Director Game


Early math and math comprehension skills, memory recall, spatial awareness, shape recognition, creativity and teamwork—a great foundation for mastering math.

Yes, you may choose at least 2 and there is no upper limit.

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