Food Battles board game


Learn about how food flows from the marketplace into our mouths, and then through the main organs around the body. This is a great way to understand that what we eat and do impacts our health positively or negatively.

The Food Battles board game introduces players to the major organs, their location and function within our bodies, while focusing on the digestive system and how diet effects our health. Players must collaborate to achieve a healthy human body and win food battles!

Key features:

Fun family game!
Learn about principal body organs and how food flows through the body.
Learn how what we eat and do impacts our health and organs.
Play to collect Health or Unhealthy coins depending on your answers, while learning how the body works.
Players go through an active learning process while answering questions with answers provided in the instruction booklet.

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How does it work?

1. Players choose their pawn, placing it on the Start position to get to the market to choose their food coins.
2. Payers roll the dice and move their pawn through the market, collecting as many healthy foods along the way.
3. Players continue to roll and land on different organs toface the questions or battle.
4. Every turn, either a healthy or unhealthy card is earned and collaboratively placed on the Human Board.
5. All players need to reach the finish line, where they canassess if they have won the game or not. If more healthy coins are present than unhealthy ones on the Human board, then the player wins. There can be more than one winner!

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