Dino Age Board Game


Learn about Paleontology, the study of fossils, Dinosaurhabitats, nutrition, and the Carbon Dating process while you travel through a fossil-finding journey to build your own Dino museum!


The Dino Age Journey game offers the exciting opportunity for players to become Dino-Detectives and discover fossils! Players learn about paleontology, the tools used by real archaeologists and Carbon Dating, the method of calculating a fossil’s real age.

Key features:

Fun family game!
Learn about the study of Dinosaur fossils, paleontology tools and the Carbon Dating process.
Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
Experience what it’s like to be a Paleontologist, learning about Dinosaur types, nutrition, habitats and fossil ageswhile building your museum.
Paleontology tools (featured on the tiles) teach some of thecurrent technology being used for fossil discovery.

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How does it work?

1. Players choose a character and begin their journey alongthe route, stopping at every station and taking turns along the way.
2. There are 3 different types of stops:
Green stations for missions about dinosaurs
Orange stations to find the right paleontology tool
Blue stations to calculate the age of a dinosaur using the carbon dating method (the large blue tile)
3. The player who finds the right information keeps the tile,and places it on their museum card while putting away the card.
4. All players complete the journey from start to finish and present at the end all the collections they have gathered in their museum.

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