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Dino Age Journey Archaeology Board Game

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Play the Dino Age Journey game to become Dino-Detectives and discover fossils! Travel back in time to learn about paleontology, the tools used by real archaeologists and Carbon Dating (the method of calculating a fossil’s real age).


Feel like a Paleontologist!

Get a little taste for what it feels like to be a dinosaur specialist, discovering fossils and learning about incredible creatures from millions of years ago!

Simplify complex concepts for young children

Carbon dating is a complex process, as is the actual discovery and preservation of ancient specimens. Simplify these concepts for your child with the fun Dino Age Journey game.

For girls and boys alike

Our games do not discriminate when it comes to gender. Have fun playing with the whole family, Atomic Force is sure to entertain everyone!

Obsessed with dinosaurs?

Feed your little one’s fascination with beasts of the past; introduce them to archaeology techniques and tools, while they collect fossils to display in their museum.

Specialised yet important vocations, archaeology and paleontology are studies of ancient history that inform us about what life might have been like thousands of years ago.

How to play

Go on an expedition back in time to discover fossils and dino-facts; collect them for display in your museum.

  • Choose a character and begin your journey along the route. Roll the dice to take turns.
  • Stop at the various stations along the way of which there are 3 kinds:
Green stations for missions about dinosaurs
Orange stations to find the right archaeology tool
Blue stations to calculate the age of a dinosaur using ‘carbon dating’
  • The player who finds the right information keeps the tile and places it on their museum card
  • All players complete the journey from start to finish and at the end, all present the collections they have gathered in their museums.

If you have kids who love dinosaurs, I’m sure they’ll enjoy this game. In this game you want to be the one with the most items in your museum at the end of the game. It’s fun being able to learn more about dinosaurs while playing this too.

My kids really enjoyed this one a lot, and they did a great job at picking out the correct stuff for dinosaurs. Some cards show fossils and you have to try to figure out which dinosaur it belongs too. Others you may need to figure out which tool is the correct one for something. There is a lot to learn with this one and it’s a lot of fun too.

Kathy, USA


Foster an interest in archaeology and paleontology from a young age, support early math, language and presentation skills.

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