Cosmic Maker Kits Bundle


    The space-themed Cosmic Maker Kits Bundle is the ideal gift for curious little makers. It includes one Mars Mission Kit (5+) and one Moon Friends Kit (3+).

    Sculpt your own alien friends with the Moon Friends Kit super tactile, sensory play materials.

    Then go on an imaginative journey across the Red Planet with the Mars Mission Kit! Watch an engaging animation to set the scene, create your own Mars landscape and rover to roam around on it.

    What will you find?

    Then take it all apart and build a rocket to fly back to Earth and share your discoveries! A set of educational facts and written activities are also included to expand on the theme.

    Skills Learned


    Develop visual spacial awareness by building 3D vehicles from 2D shapes!


    Boost creativity and imagination with the Mars station activity and open-ended, sensory play!

    Global Awareness

    Learn about life on the Red Planet with our survival kit!

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