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Atomic Force Chemistry Board Game

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The Atomic Force board game teaches fundamental chemistry concepts. Each player gets an avatar and rolls dice to cross the board from start to finish. Along the way, collect Protons, Neutrons and Electrons and solve different challenges to build simple elements and compounds.

Get the atomic bundle!

Atomic Force Water Creation Storybook

Go on an exciting mission with the Atomic Force team to create a water particle! Learn about subatomic particles and what happens when they fuse together. This storybook adds a further dimension to the Atomic Force Chemistry Board Game.


Chemistry is fun!

Children are often put off by chemistry because it is such a difficult subject. We’ve transformed it into a fun game that can persuade even the most resistant child (or adult).

Simplify complex concepts for young children

Atomic Force links elements to their everyday, recognisable forms and with the help of our awesome Atomic Force team, shows children how to build them out of subatomic particles!

For girls and boys alike

Our games do not discriminate when it comes to gender. Have fun playing with the whole family, Atomic Force is sure to entertain everyone!

Why atomic chemistry?

Because atomic chemistry describes the building blocks of existence, it’s an important subject to introduce early on!

It can often be an intimidating subject for children (and adults!) so this game offers a fun way to introduce the theory to little ones.

How to play

Learn how to build simple elements and compounds for everyday materials with atomic building blocks!

  • Player 1 rolls the dice to take their first steps across the board
  • Towards the beginning, players will be focused on collecting Protons, Neutrons and Electrons which they do by rolling colour-coded dice
  • As players move along the board, they will be challenged to build various elements, and later compounds, using the atomic particles they have collected
  • If they don’t have enough particles, they will need to keep rolling the dice until they do, thereby delaying their progress and allowing other players to overtake
  • First player to the finish point wins!

It's so easy to pick up and he surprises me with how easily and quickly he is able to build the correct atoms and molecules using the protons, neutrons and electrons. I was worried he might lose his concentration nearer the end of the game but he didn't. Just really chuffed that he is already learning the basic concepts of science.

Definitely recommend this game if your child is into science and chemistry.

Amazon Customer, UK


Develop an interest for chemistry from a young age,  and support early math and science skills.

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