Petal Power

Petal Power

This easy creative activity will invigorate cut flowers that are coming to an end. Instead of immediately slinging them onto the compost heap, why not first use them to create colourful art with your child!

This activity will stimulate your little one’s imagination, develop hand-eye coordination, creative thinking and visual-spatial skills—a perfect all-rounder.

There’s research to show that children who engage in art are better at reading and get better grades in science and maths. Plus, art is fun!

You will need:

A few flowers. You can use anything—remnants of a birthday bouquet, flowers from the garden, fallen leaves…

Coloured paper. A4, A5, and A6 (postcard size) all work well

Chalk. Coloured is best, but crayons or pencils will work too

Glue (optional)

Before you start…

If you want to pick flowers while you’re out and about, it’s probably not a good idea without doing your research. There are strict rules about wildflowers, and it’s actually illegal to pick flowers from council-owned properties!

Now, onto the fun stuff!

Step 1.

Explain to your child that you’re going to transform dying flowers into something new and beautiful!

Step 2.

Remove the flower heads from the stems; keep some whole, and separate the individual petals of others. Keep a few leaves too.

Step 3.

Sort the flower heads and petals into groups. You can use different criteria: shape, size or colour.

Step 4.

Choose a piece of paper for your masterpiece and begin to draw your botanical creations!

Step 5.

Add petals, flower heads and leaves to bring your drawing to life. Stick down with glue if you would like to fix them in place.

Step 6.

Share your creation with OJO! @learnwithojo

Bonus Ed-Ventures:

Revisit the idea of living and non-living things. At this stage all you are looking for is the ability to differentiate between the two. For example, boy, girl, mummy, plants, insects are living things  as opposed to hat, table, books etc which are not. A fantastic science lesson can stem from this activity!

Slot your finished masterpiece between the pages of a heavy book to press and preserve it. If you used glue, make sure it is dry before pressing inside a book!

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