Let’s make a bird!

OKIDO Flyer Instructions 2

This activity makes a fun addition to the Bird Nest Kit. Develop fine motor skills, spacial awareness and creativity! We know origami can be a bit challenging so we’ve laid it all out clearly for you with photos. Once you’ve tried it once or twice, it’s becomes easy to remember!

You will need:

A square piece of paper, perhaps you have one of our flyers!

A pair of scissors

Some pencils and crafty materials if you want to have a go at customising your bird after!

Before you start

If you have one of our flyers, before you do anything, you need to cut across the dotted line. Otherwise just get your square piece of paper ready. A thinner piece of paper will be easier to fold than a thicker one. Any size will work!

Step 1.

Fold the square in half diagonally so that you now have a nice big triangle.

Step 2.

Take the top corner and fold it down so that the right side is in line with the bottom (longest) side.

Step 3.

Open the fold out again (the one you just made) so that you have a nice big triangle again.

Now take the right-hand corner and fold it up towards the top of the fold line (from the previous step).

Step 4.

Do the same to the left-hand corner. Fold it up towards the top right-hand corner.

You should now have a pentagon (5-sided) shape!

Step 5.

Open out the folds you just made so that you again have a nice big triangle!

Step 6.

Now fold your big triangle in half. To do this bring the right-hand corner over to the left-hand corner. You will have a smaller right-angle triangle.

Step 7.

Rotate your triangle anti-clockwise, just a bit (follow the picture).

Step 8.

Fold one wing back along the fold-line you already made.

Flip it over and fold the other wing up too. Your creation should start to resemble a bird!

Step 9.

To make the beak, first push down gently on the the bird’s head so that the fold turns inside out.

Then pinch the inside out fold from the underneath.

While still pinching the fold from underneath, with your other hand press the bird’s head back together so that the it makes a new fold.

And there you have it! You may also want to bring your bird to life by drawing some eyes and adding decoration.

It’s time to find your bird a home!

Share your creation with OjO! @learnwithojo

Bonus Ed-venture:

Make a nest for your bird with our Bird Nest Kit.

Or turn your bird into a Christmas decoration by adding a piece of string, or simply placing it on a branch!

Try making a whole family of birds from different sizes of square paper. What’s the smallest bird you can make?

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