HOW TO: Ed-ventures Kit (3+)

Tripod Pencil Grip

Pencil Control Sheets

Drawing with the Idea Pad

Scissors Grip

Scissor Practice Sheets

Making Robot Patterns

Knojo’s Washing Line Counting Game

Ladybird Early Maths Game

Sorting and Threading Buttons Activity

Number Mats

Meal Mats

Emotion Mats

HOW TO: Starter Maker Kits (3+)

Raft Building Kit

Bird Nest Kit

Moon Friends Kit

HOW TO: Mars Mission Maker Kit (5+)

Mars Mission Kit: Mars Space Station

Mars Mission Kit: Mars Rover

Mars Mission Kit: Mars Rocket

HOW TO: Food Battles

HOW TO: Space Rescuers

HOW TO: Robo Workshop

HOW TO: Dino Age

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