This Sensory Development GOOP Ed-venture Is Great For And Curious Minds, And Will Show Your Child How Liquids And Solids Work. Without Using Any Of The Chemicals That Are Added To Other Putty Type Toys, You Can Create Some Gooey ‘GOOP’ That Will Wow Your Child – And Not Only Is It Educational, It’s Super Fun, Too!

This sensory development GOOP Ed-venture is great for curious minds, and will show your child how liquids and solids work. Without using any of the chemicals that are added to other putty type toys, you can create some gooey ‘GOOP’ that will wow your child – and not only is it educational, it’s super fun, too!

GOOP is fun, tactile and really easy to create. If your child isn’t used to getting messy, this will really give them a fun way to play, encouraging them to get their hands dirty!

What is GOOP?

You may never have thought it, but the cornflour we have sitting in the kitchen cupboard can be used for another really exciting purpose – for creating fascinating GOOP.

When water is added to cornflour, its particles spread out rather than dissolve – so GOOP can act as both a solid and a liquid. When GOOP is played with in your hands it appears solid, but if it’s left to rest, it becomes liquid (and may dribble over your table!)

Before you get started, we ought to remind you not to put any GOOP down the sink – opt for the bin, as it could cause blockages!

Making GOOP is nice and easy, and won’t take longer than  5 minutes. You will need:


Cornflour (use twice as much cornflour as water for the perfect mixture)

A large bowl, or mixing bowl

A spoon

Food colouring (optional, but makes GOOP much more fun!)

Step 1.

Add cornflour to a large bowl.

Step 2.

Slowly add the water and food colouring.

Step 3.

Here’s where you get your hands gooey! Stir it up until the mixture becomes difficult to work. If you are unsure if you have the right consistency, you can test by pressing the surface with your finger. It should achieve that in-between liquid and solid state!

Step 4.

Play away with your GOOP, and enjoy showing your child the difference between solids and liquids!

Bonus Ed-Venture

After having sensory fun with GOOP, here’s how you can turn it up a notch:

Pick up the GOOP between your fingers and squeeze.

Encourage your child to describe what the GOOP feels like.

Have some fun yourself! This sensory play activity is too fun for adults to resist… we know we can’t.

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