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Fruit Construction Activity

This engineering activity is a fun and healthy way to encourage children to construct interesting shapes and to stretch their imaginations!

It will encourage and enhance problem solving, creative thinking, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, social and language skills.

You will need:

Cocktail sticks

Fruit of your choice. OJO recommends grapes, strawberries, blueberries, apples and raspberries!

A grown-up knife to chop up fruit. OJO recommends you prep the fruit in advance to keep the activity focused on construction.

A quick safety first before you begin…

Talk to your child about how to use cocktail sticks responsibly. If you’re concerned, snip off the sharp tip or use uncooked spaghetti! We’ve used toothpicks in the classroom many times without mishap, so we’re sure you’ll be a-OK!

Step 1.

Lay out fruit and toothpicks on your kitchen worktop or table. Large fruit, like apples, will need to be chopped. Smaller fruit can be used whole, but experiment with shapes! The beauty of this activity is that there’s no right or wrong way.

Step 2.

Connect the toothpicks with your fruit to make shapes.

OJO tip: start with 2D until your little one gets the hang of it, then let their imagination flow as you move on to 3D creatures. You will quickly learn which shapes are stable (and which ones aren’t!)

Step 3.

Celebrate by sharing a picture of your amazing constructions to @learnwithojo on social media. We’re excited to see what your little fruit sculptors will come up with!

Bonus Ed-Ventures:

For a special treat you can use mini marshmallows instead of fruit. Get creative!

See who can build the tallest structure that can stand unsupported.

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